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Done With You Digital Marketing Services

Many small businesses have a staffing dilemma when it comes to marketing. Business owners know the importance of a consistent marketing effort, but don’t have the staff or the time to get everything done on a timely basis. A marketing manager would be a great resource, but adding another person to the payroll isn’t feasible. And how do you ensure that an employee would have the required expertise to get your phone to ring.

We have another option for business owners. TrepMarketing can provide the expertise and resources needed to help develop a marketing plan and manage the implementation. Our services are affordable and our experience is valuable.


Our Digital Marketing Services

We offer a full range of marketing services, and will customize a weekly or monthly package designed to get your phone to ring. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Marketing Plans

We can help develop a marketing plan that incorporates your products and services, ideal customers, and value proposition into an actionable plan with clearly identified goals. We will then identify the marketing tactics that will deliver results, including more customers and revenue for your business.

Website Design

Your website will be the foundation for the marketing plan, and needs to be properly developed as a marketing tool. Our SEO services, including keyword and competitor research, will make sure the search engines know who you are and what you do, and drive traffic to your website. And our web design and landing page design services will help convert website visitors into qualified leads and prospects.

Ad Campaign Management

Once the website foundation is built, we can focus on growing your business with online advertising campaigns. Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn will all be considered and evaluated as methods for cost effective marketing.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be an excellent low-cost tool for many businesses to engage prospects and customers. Whether you have an existing list, or need to start creating a list, we can help set up an email marketing system to keep in touch with those who are interested in your services.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation tools are designed to help effectively market on multiple channels online, including websites, blogs, email marketing, and social media marketing platforms. Many repetitive tasks can be automated to ensure a consistent marketing effort and message.

Marketing Analytics

Our website services include marketing analytics to help monitor and improve the performance of your website. We make sure you know and understand the numbers that matter. No vanity metrics allowed.