Marketing Plans. Take Control. Get Results.

Entrepreneurs, SMBs, and professional service firms understand the importance of marketing. But most share the reality of not having an in-house marketing department. We'll help, by using your website and marketing automation tools to take control of your marketing and compete more effectively to attract and retain customers and clients.

The Entrepreneur's Frustration

You have to wear many hats, and your time is stretched thin as you run the business and manage multiple issues. Marketing, however, requires a consistent and steady effort to produce results and you're not able to devote the time needed for that kind of effort.

We Have a Solution

Marketing does not have an on/off switch - it must be a daily, continuous effort. Our Marketing Plans are designed with that in mind, and are structured in a way so that you will know what tasks to do and when to do them every day.

The End Result

A well-crafted Marketing Plan must be AMP'd - actionable, measurable, and practical. We work with you to create a plan that has specific tasks to be performed daily, weekly, and monthly. Next, we implement metrics to measure the marketing results so you will know what's working and what needs improvement. And we make sure the plan is practical, with tactics that can be done according to your available resources.

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Your Website's Report Card

If you had to give your website a grade, would it get an A or D? The purpose of most websites is to generate quality leads — is your website doing that? Our free website assessment will review the marketing components of your website and tell you what is good and what needs improvement. We will review the overall site, as well as the SEO, lead generation, blogging, social media, and mobile components.

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